Welcome on the Chatsite of the
15. Parliamentary sponsorship program

Meeting place here in the Chat:
Check to each full hour times.
A Java of capable Browser is needed for the Chatten.

Operation of the Chats
Input a user name, under which in the Chat would like to occur to it. For further information, in which Chatline input simply help or / help.
Compatibility of the Chats
There is the possibility that the Chat from the college does not function. Then you find you behind a " Firewall ". Measure of the college against too much chatten: -) Additionally you need an Java able Browser and the Java function must be switched on if necessary. The standards in the imprint apply.
Support page of the Operator
If you difficulties with the Chat have, the following page looks at you or writes an email the Chat administrator.
FAQ page: http://ice.spin.de/de/faq.html