Why abroad

Foreign stays are today already almost must on each application. The world shrinks in the geographical sense and grows together in the economic sense. Ever the condition brings more foreign entwinements by exports and economic relations of even medium-size enterprises with itself that the high-placed coworkers bring along certain code qualifications. These one can " gain " well, if one some time in another (perhaps even economically interesting) country lived and operated, and thus another culture know learned. By these experiences one is then prepared with its later work better for the relations with foreign coworkers or partners. In particular the following code qualifications gain more to the selection of new generation forces for the enterprises ever significance:

Language authority, i.e. conference and negotiation-safe sprachkenntnisse in the most important foreign languages

Geographical mobility

Mental flexibility, over itself in other cultural, social and to get along economic structures

Intercultural authority, the open and tolerant meeting with other mentalities without loss of the own cultural Backgrounds

" global thinking ", i.e. thinking in global dimensions

And read but NOT leases:

  • One bereist far of countries with unforgettable landscapes, people and cultures!
  • Friendships fuer's lives can be closed
  • One actually discovers completely new pages by the meeting with other countries and other humans

Life in America
  • Translation assistance: Who does not know times an even English word and at the PC sits, which should itself regard times Babylon. This practical translation program translates the clicked word into German or andersrum one. more http://www.babylon.com/ger /
  • Foreign exchange rates: For all, which over the foreign exchange rates DM - dollar to be informed would like.
  • InterNet radio: Who would like to listen to little native sounds gladly abroad, here German radiosender in the InterNet can look up.
  • German information center There can do you free of charge English-language
    Brochures over Germany order. There are also German messages in English language. http://www.germany info.org /
  • EC cards in the USA: One can take off for some time at US American cash machines with each German EC card cash. All new EC cards gets the ' MAESTRO ' symbol in Germany. It functions even with older EC cards without MAESTRO symbol. It folds with most American machines - even if the symbol is not glued on on the machine. Gradually all American machines are to be de-energised. The load of the own account takes place about 4 days later. Costs: 5.00 DM per removal, future is it even possible its to pay with MAESTRO directly in business. Inquire best times in the own house bank.