Autopurchase and insurance

An autopurchase in America is inevitable. There are public means of transport exactly the same as in Germany. If one but considers which I in Modesto on the country lived, becomes one fast clearly that there are due deficits in the suburban traffic. Thus I went now on autosearch. I did not get much support from my gastfamilie. Bloederweise did not come I also on the idea me for until two days a borrowing car to take. So I already was with an autopurchase under printing. I found in a neighboring village a VOLKSWAGEN Jetta, to that according to predicate of mine Guest brother (beginning garage mechanic) in a good status is. I braeuchte only some further dollar to invest and would have a good auto. This few dollar then on a total of $700 high-snapped, got I in the next months to feel.

An insurance was arranged by an agency for me, those also driver with international driving licence insures. Road users under 25 years are regarded apparently of the American insurance as potential Verkehrsraudis and high-speed drivers. This settled then in my policy. One single payment of $240 dollar, as well as monthly $70 speak there would bind.

Now it went getting to it a California driving licence. After which I mean social security number received, still another waiting period of further two weeks between theoretical and practical check came to me. The practical check was a joke. Five a minuetliche travel around the block of the inspection station. Here still finally to this section a small personal outline:


2300 dollar

Insurance (12 months):

1000 dollar


800 dollar

further costs (12 months) approx.:

600 dollar

Entirely approx.:

4700 dollar (8000 DM)

Therefore I may probably take the liberty and directly answer the following question:

Are estimated own resources sufficient?

If one over the whole year counts perhaps already. The problem is that one does not make cash in the first term.

Who by the way looks forward to its driving licence plastic card, which may itself be pleased in California up to 7 months, until he can hold these in his hands.