Student financial assistance scheme
BAFoeG gives it also abroad. Even if you are not BAfoeG entitled in the inland, that becomes many more probable, if you abroad makes a practical course. Because the additional costs of a practical course abroad, even if one is paid for for the practical course, is substantially more highly, as if one would study in the inland or would make a practical course.

What gives it at cash?

There is usually a fixed amount per country, a travel expenses addition and the cost of the health insurance is taken over

The fixed amounts for the countries are

  • The USA (without city New York): DM 140
  • City New York: DM 210
  • Great Britain DM 210 Ireland: DM 100
  • South Africa DM 120

One must prove however to the BAfoeG office that the trainee place corresponds to the request of the check order. This proof you get from the practical course assigning (!!!), on the first practical course as Zulassungsvorraussetzung to the course of studies possibly already decided. In these wrote should you also directly to be acknowledged be able that the practical course brings something for the formation in the inland. Should if you in a aussereuropisches country be interested, you additionally still another certificate with contents must been present that the execution of the practical course is particularly favorable outside of Europe after the state of training. Naturally also sufficient sprachkenntnisse must available are.

And the cash does not have to be paid back! The additional foreign promotion is carried out as subsidy.

Where there is the cash

The request places one with the student council Berlin (Behrenstr. 40/41, 10117 Berlin u-Bhf. French road)

Care you EARLY for BAfoeG!
6 months at least before the beginning of the practical course should strive one for it. That is usually relatively unproblematic. One places simply an informal request, with the contents of, one would like gladly foreign practical course to make. Then the office dispatches the necessary documents to you, you fills out it, and if still somewhat should be missing, you get that indicated. But even this back and forth lasts usually for a very long time. For it promptly for it care! Because everyone wants to have the cash punctually at the beginning.

Responsibly for those Promotion abroad are the following offices

The USA:

Student council Hamburg
Office for formation promotion
P.o. box 13 09 51
20109 Hamburg
Tel. (040) 41902-0
Fax (040) 41902126
Office building: Standard avenue 9

Great Britain and Ireland:

National office for formation promotion North Rhine-Westphalia
Theatre workstation 14
52062 Aachen
Tel. (0241) 455-02
Fax (0241) 455300

Further information to BAFoeG, including request forms for downloading, in the homepage of the CBM for education and research under /