The application
A careful written application is the most important prerequisite for success! One should use some time for the application, since one must assume the employer can concern itself not for a long time with each individual application. One should show its personality thus, and well sell oneself.

Which documents belong to the application

With Initiativbewerbungen one sends first only the personal record with one Write down, called resume and cover type character One can readdress recommendation writing and certifications later, when desired if necessary in certified translation. FH studying ones possibly attach a short explanation of the German drawer university system, which is to a large extent unknown in the USA, in English to their application. Clarifies the own Background and helps American employers to estimate one correctly.

And the post office goes off... by email!
That is a economical Alternative one, which one should use. One inputs a writing down directly, that One sends personal record as system, if possible as ASCII file. ASCII permits no special characters, which are used gladly for the organization, how Enumerating character, fat -, italic writing, centering, tabulator, etc., because they are frequently not compatible with other systems. Thus boundaries are set to the optical organization, but only like that it is guaranteed that the personal record can be printed out as email system independently of the used text processing program of the recipient in the original form. Further tips in addition under monster Career Resources: Resumes & Letters

The form of writing down and personal record should underline the personality of the applicant. Therefore is it likes " strong " printouts and Berufsbezeichungen to use (in vain almost everyone is not in the USA somehow " manager"). While one attaches a photo in Great Britain again; one gets in the USA rather off it. Because none is to be disadvantaged due to its sex, age, race, etc.. For the same reason in the USA also ever fewer colored paper is used for the application documents.

Writing down

With writing down one places oneself personally forwards

The personal record is always sent away together with writing down. The main function of the Cover type character " is not it to arouse at the employer the interest to read the personal record or to give additional information interesting for the company, in the personal record.

It is not to obtain additionally show a non-standard impression of you to no more than one page and that you informed about the company. Consider thereby the following points:

  • find the name out of the responsible partner (InterNet!) and write these personally.
  • it indicates why you this company write, which type and how long the practical course should be.
  • legend, from where you know the company and why it interests you; the better you informed, find you connecting factors the easier, in order to come with the company into the discussion. Refer you to individual points in the personal record, in order to occupy the predicates concretely.
  • legend, which you do, in order to make you linguistically fit.
  • describe your visa situation. Call the name of the organization, over which you are gotten the work permit.
  • financial support on the part of the company can be addressed in polite form or, still better, only then if mutual interest were stated. Also practical assistance, e.g. in form of a furnished room, has weight.
  • first paragraph: Place you briefly forwards and indicates the reason of your writing, ever after whether you inquire in the blue " about possible free places or answer to a display in the newspaper or the company by personal contacts knows.
  • Second paragraph It indicates why you in the place or company are interested and represents, which you can do for the company
  • Third paragraph: References to your personal record. Put special performances or qualifications out, particularly those, which are important for the position desired. Attempts not to repeat the information already in the personal record are
  • Fourth paragraph: Thank you you for the interest, which the employer of your application brings (even if you does not point whether he is interested).

It is important that one cannot be discouraged, if one possibly receives three responses to perhaps 20 applications or also none. It continues to try!!

The personal record

It is to show that one is energetic and purposeful humans and this by listing of your past performances, practical experiences etc. to document. The employer would like to win from the Resume information about whether the experiences and knowledge of the applicant of its company will benefit.
It is to be clarified importantly that responding arranged and formulated personal record the ticket for the desired job is, that the potential employer looks first on the Resume and it decides due to the impression which he wins of the fact whether he in-loads the applicant to the interview or not. Perfect outside form and contentwise clarity are therefore from greatest importance. During the drawing up of the Resumes should one calmly advice and assistance of friends and the gastfamilie in Requirement take.
Writing may contain naturally no typing errors or grammatical errors. It should not cover one page at the best only, under any circumstances more than two pages. The word selection is from great importance should therefore be carefully durchdacht. Target should be to seize as much as possible important information into as few a words as possible.

The personal record should not cover no more than one page and be written with PC. A photo is not attached. Also a signature is unnecessary.

To recommend to arrange there simplest a chronological personal record is, in temporally reverse order. The following paragraph should emerge:

  • Personal specification limit you to name, address, telephone, E-Mail address. Specification to age, size of, family status is not appropriate!
  • Target and purpose of the practical course describe in at the most two lines the general practical course target and the desired area of application.
  • Work experience list your practical experience in reverse order, i.e. the newest first. Describe your past activities scarcely, descriptive, precisely and concretely That is simple on English not possibly, but gives you trouble! And please to against-read leave! Word tip
  • Formation begins with the current status and call Academic subject, recess direction and number of terms. Then all come Terminations such as teachings, Abitur, real graduation.
  • Special knowledge here one calls only those occupation-relevant knowledge, particularly within the area EDP and foreign languages.
  • Activities and interests Commitment in the ASTA, in clubs and federations, paid or unpaid, arrive good. Participation in a crew sport suggests team ability, as youth coaches one executive functions assumed. Hobbies call only if they are contentwise relevant, e.g. communications technology and amateur radio as Hoby fit well.
  • Recommendation writing here should be: References available upon request

Here a listing of the things, which belong inside (for exercise equal on English)

  • Limit to one PAGE for new job seekers with BA or BS
  • State of experiences indicating highlight phrases in letter
  • Include DATES OF employment, graduation, certificates
  • Use action verb to indicate accomplishments/achievements
  • Precise
  • Use positive tone, but NOT overstated or boastful
  • Avoid up self serving phrases look as " proven ability " or " wave qualified "
  • Use reverse chronological order (functional resumes May on exception)
  • Use complete words, NO abbreviations (for states except)
  • Use plenty OF white space, DO NOT crowd with excessive content
  • Revise you resume until you feel comfortable
  • Proofread and proofread again
  • CHECK for typographical errors
  • Use easy to READ type style
  • Print on good, quality bond PAPER
  • Original, but NOT gimmicky

And here a listing of the things, which do not belong inside

  • Underestimate or overrate your experience - accurate
  • Use personal pronouns
  • Include personal DATA (i.e. height, marital status weight or photographer)
  • Include salary requirements or salary history
  • Give reasons for leaving molder job
  • DATE your resume

The interview

The interview describe we by the example of the selection discussion parliamentary sponsorship program.
There was an English test of well one hour and afterwards a type interview with three persons of different organizations with the applicant.

General was asked to the policy, to the current restaurant happening and for the personal behavior in unknown, thus other situations, since the users are to see themselves as " mini Ambassadors ". The further interested the reasons, why the desire exists at this program part to take.

The applicants should pay attention also to a maintained exterior.

Tip: Remain completely loose and not to frighten, should not be suddenly asked on English.

Application assistance in the InterNet

Application seminars at the own university and outside are good possibilities of writing the application correctly. Here are some current titles and note:

  • Schuermann, Klaus, Suzanne Mullins. World-wide apply up English:
    Examples writing down and personal record, Formulation assistance, country-specific tips. Calibration fount publishing house, 1999.
  • New house, Dirk and Karsta. The application manual for the USA
    I.L.T. Europe publishing house, 1998.
  • Bloch, Deborah. How to of Write A Winning Resume. 4th OD. Chicago: VGM Books, 1998.
  • Applying for A job in English: Apply correctly in English. (trade paper career, 14.6.1996)

Excellent one application assistance have placing and practical course stock exchanges as well as Career of center at colleges and universities. The glossary word is generally Resume workshop or Career assistance These assistance are for Americans meant, in addition, for Germans useful. German applicants should basically in their writing down stress that they worry about the visa and call the organization, by whom one the work permit receive. Thus the employer knows that one knows the visa regulations and obeys and is directly from this concern relieved.