Subsidies and scholarships
For practical courses in the USA there are generally few aids. Good chances exist throughout for travel expenses subsidies. Residence scholarships are refrained from some exceptions, essentially intended for study purposes. There it is called, in time precaution meets and saves, because a trainee remuneration, which covers the cost of living to a large extent, is rather the exception!

Travel expenses subsidies

Independently of the academic subject and of the organization the German academic exchange service (DAAD assigns travel expenses subsidies for study-referred practical courses. Requests should be placed at the latest two months before departure over the academic international exchanges. General information there are with the DAAD, paper 225, Tel. (to 0228) 882-267, the -473rd

following documents must the request be attached:

  • Language certification in the language of the ziellandes
  • Intermediate test or Vordiplom certification
  • Acknowledgement of the training centre in the USA over period and contents of the practical course, as normal writing or fax (no enamels!)
  • Certificate of the specialist area over the acknowledgment of the practical course, on DAAD form
  • Abstract (organization and flow) of the practical course

Height of the subsidies starting from the year 2000:

  • 400 DM for the East part of the USA, including Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Arkansas, Louis IANA
  • 500 DM for the western part of the USA, including North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas

Residence scholarships

Granted for the following programs section-tip-serve:
  • German academic exchange service
    -- drawer practical courses in Framework of foreignreferred courses of studies, e.g.. Culture sciences
    -- practical courses at international organizations
    -- termination work of studying at professional schools (theses (diploma))
    (2-6 months, no training meetings)
  • Carl Duisberg society
    Practice term for FH studying


Naturally one can request also BAfoeG. Closer to it under point BAfoeG.