The visa

J 1 - the trainee visa ("exchange visitor visas")

A prerequisite for it is:

  • the participation in a trainee program, which from one of the US authorities for it authorized organization one executes
  • the written proof of a workstation and thereupon it
  • handing the form IAP-66 out by the organization
  • sufficient patient accident and liability insurance to lock i.d.R. over the organization

The form IAP-66, called Certificate OF Eligibility is the Vordokument to the visa and contains a limited work permit. It contains specification concerning the applicant, the program, the duration of the practical course and the financing. The IAP-66 issued of the Organistion, thereby for an endorsement - sponsorship - opposite that US authorities takes over. A copy (rosa) becomes you with the visa again handed out and must be well kept together with the pass. The visa is entered for the duration of the practical course, like in the IAP-66, plus 30 days qualifying period before it and thereafter issued. The flow is thus: only the practical course place, then the work permit (IAP-66), then the visa.

The visa request goes - normally by post office - to for its Land of the Federal Republic (first domicile!) responsible consular agency of the USA it consists of the following documents:

  • Passport (valid at least six months beyond the planned stay)
  • Visa request form OF-156 for downloading; Fax call over 0190-92-110-111.
  • IAP-66
  • current pass photo, in colour
  • at present (11/99) DM 85.50 handling charge, only by transfer (Dresdner bank Berlin, account No. 40,512,576 00, BLZ 120,800 00, voucher also Original temples of the bank attach)
  • recommended actually and a franked back envelope even addressed, largely enough for the pass