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Personal prerequisites
Periods and lead times
As I find a trainee place

Personal prerequisites

One should consider oneself well whether one fulfills the prerequisites for a practical course in the USA. In addition also such things belong such as patience, apart from good study performances and language previous knowledge Perseverance, organizational fate and improvisation ability as well as those Ability to take the things in such a way as they are. With humans from another culture area to operate is not only interesting, but often also exerting.
To the foreign ability it belongs that one:

  • one or more foreign languages controls,
  • its everyday life and the work plan and to organize can,
  • flexibly and other humans opposite is tolerant,
  • Interest in other countries, their economical and social Conditions has,
  • and mobile, persistent and healthy is

      Periods and lead times

      One should adhere to the period tips of the respective organization. Generally one should worry already very early about its practical course. At the latest six to eight weeks before departure the visa procedure must be brought in course. Up to then must thus Practical course workstation and a written proof of it available its. One additionally written promise from the USA, with signature in the original, if necessary first by fax and in the original by post office forwarded, be sufficient at the latest two months before departure must be placed the request for travel expenses subsidies by the DAAD.
      A punctual search for the place is very important, because to the end usually always are something that one must still complete. E.g. one should occupy perhaps still another language course, although that should not be necessary actually, because one should have been up to to the language very well. If possible, also an application seminar is a good idea.

      How do I find a trainee place?

      One must unfortunately worry about the place, since she is not obtained usually.
      One can look out in addition on fairs and address American companies. A very good idea is also the InterNet. The homepage of the companies can be very informative. Here one gets information about the companies, which one can use also in its application. There is a set of places in network also, where one possibly finds a suitable workstation, which is offered directly by a company, e.g. with Rising star Internships A good Foum concerning this topic is also on the practical course stock exchange of the restaurant week

      Here are still further addresses, where one Practical course workstations to find knows:

      Council's U.s. job DATA cousin practical courses in the USA
      Asterisk Practical course stock exchange practical courses world-wide
      University of Wurzburg outline of job stock exchanges in the InterNet / pieces of advice for an application
      PraktikUM on-line stock exchange that university Mannheim
      Job into the the USA not always practical course workstations, for it however firm addresses
      National Internships practical courses in the USA; predominantly in the summer months
      Internships into the Public second gate addresses of organizations in the USA ]
      Siemens foreign practical courses

      Naturally one should not forget, in its circle of acquaintances after evt. To ask contacts.
      The perhaps simplest way is the application at an exchange organization. Simply, because many functions of the administration are completed like the search for a trainee place, application around a work permit, search for an accommodation, uvm. for you and for it an interesting master program, around " country and people " to mostly become acquainted with are offered. However the workstations are very small, and one must already have something luck to get a workstation.
      Nichtsdesottrotz should strive one regarding the long lead times of a practical course already promptly around a place.


      One should not expect to receive much for its work. Here one is always dependent on the sympathetic consideration of the individual company, which decides whether and in which form and height a return takes place. Many Prakikanten regard the half year in the USA as pure life experience, why they require also no payment. One should address therefore the topic very diplomatically in the application. Only if one brings a large use to the company, (well to program etc. can and well English speaks) can count to be well paid. A payment is rather probable near the legal minimum wage, which is at present for instance with six dollar. It considers that the cost of living can be by far higher depending upon rate of exchange, region and size of the city than in Germany. Supplies e.g. a free accommodation can therefore gold be worth. As one gets nevertheless still something cash, is under subsidies and scholarships.


      The brochure " vocational out and further training for Germans abroad ", which are updated annually, gives further referring to practical course supplies of different carriers (e.g. social services and work camps abroad, exchange services for right junior lawyers). This Brochure is available at the Carl Duisberg society

      With large questions the national office responsible for the USA is a good start place

      Free one and Hanseatic city Hamburg
      Authority for science and research
      Hamburg STR 37
      D-22083 Hamburg
      Federal Republic of Germany
      Telephone +49 40 428 63 0
      Fax +49 40 428 63 3722)